Professional Pressure Washing and Maintenance for Patios, Driveways, Paths and Decking. Residential and commercial properties covering Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, Stirling and Dunoon.

Professional Pressure Washing and Maintenance for Patios, Driveways, Paths and Decking. Residential and commercial properties covering Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, Stirling and Dunoon.

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Central Scotlands leading pressure washing Company.




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Scotia Cleanpave.

Scotia Cleanpave is one of Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, Stirling and Dunoon's leading Driveway Patio and roof Cleaning Companies. The effectiveness of our Block Paving Cleaning service is widely acknowledged as being second to none. Our range of services can deep clean and restore a wide variety of driveway surfaces. By using a revolutionary industrial pressure washer rotary water machine system, effective enough to remove unsightly tyre marks, most oil stains, weeds/moss and slippery algae from:- driveways and patios, pattern imprinted concrete, walls and paths, decking, garden furniture and house exteriors. 

Dirt, grime, grease, moss, stains, algae or mildew does not stand a chance against our professional power washing services. 

The supreme combination of skilled technicians and state of the art exterior cleaning equipment will tackle even the toughest, dirtiest jobs to reveal a property’s true beauty! 


Due to massive demands we are now doing Pressure Washing and Maintenance for Patios, Driveways, Paths and Decking. Residential and commercial properties covering The Cowal, which includes Dunoon,Kilmun,Strone,Blairmore,Ardentinny,Innellan and Sandbank.


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We would like to thank

scotia cleanpave very much for the prompt service in cleaning our drive and path, it has transformed the look of our property. also the advice on the on going maintenance. We would recommend them to anyone.

Mr & Mrs McKay. Falkirk.

My mono block was restored to how it looked ten years ago when the drive was converted from paving slabs. Many thanks to Scotia Cleanpave. I have told  my friends and relatives to use this reliable company for there driveway cleaning.

Mr Smythe, Dunfermline.

Customer care.


Here at Scotia Cleanpave. our Customers are our priority. Whether you need ongoing service or a one time for Drive cleaning or Patio cleaning in Edinburgh or Fife, you can count on Scotia Cleanpave to get the job done correctly and on time. We don’t take any short cuts when it comes to exterior jet cleaning or pressure washing. Using the latest equipment available`to get the job done with the least inconvenience to our customers.

All of the pressure cleaning and sealing products used by Scotia Cleanpave are eco-friendly and the service is designed to cause minimal disruption. A standard two car driveway can be power cleaned within two hours and once dry a revisit will be undertaken for re-sanding and sealing if appropriate. Scotia Cleanpave operate on a 1 to 2 week lead time but for more urgent requirements a same day service can be accommodated from Dunoon to Falkirk or beyond.

Rotary system.

I didn't know I had a patio untill Scotia Cleanpave pressure washed it into the twenty first century. A very professional job well done. Got them back a few months later to clean the driveway, will be booking for an annual spring clean. The family love it and its a safe environment for the grand children. Wonderfull experience, M. Allen Grangemouth.

What a wonderful transformation Scotia Cleanpave did to my decking, paths and  driveway. Years of neglect cured and I shall be using them annualy to maintain the appearance. Can't wait for my garden parties on a regular basis, It will be the talk of the town. Jo Rich-Harris, Stirling.

We had Duncan form Scotia Cleanpave clean our boat the results were amazing, it is a pleasure to go sailing now and show off a clean boat.

Thank you.

John & Sarah. Holy Loch.

Very prompt and professional service jet cleaning our driveway and paths.

Mrs Wycliff. Fife.

Monoblock maintenance.

Power washing some surfaces with a domestic pressure washer can be messy and time consuming and do more harm than good in the long term, sometimes leaving unwanted stripping on the surface and removing vast quantities on vital joining sand from block paving which can lead to the de-stabilising of the sub base.

Our specialist rotary systems are specifically designed to remove as little sand as possible when cleaning block paving and give a uniform clean finish.

The good thing about pressure washing driveways is that it's usual to get incredibly good results that improve the appearance of your property looking much, much cleaner. We have the equipment to deliver a deep clean. We also strive to make sure that surrounding flowerbeds and other areas of your garden are not left in a disheveled state following your driveway pressure cleaning.

"It's not all about looks though".


Your driveway, walkways, path's and patio area's can get very slippery when they are covered with algae. It is good sense to clean it off for safety. Moss growing on driveways, especially asphalt driveways, can start to break it up and make tiny little holes. It might not be a big deal at first but over time water will get into those holes and freeze, expanding and doing more damage.

Scotia Cleanpave magically transformed my whole garden by pressure washing my slab paths, patio and concrete drive.Had to confess to the wife I hadn't done it myself! Worth every penny, thank you. Will be recommending you to all I know. Clive Benson, Linlithgow.

Thank you Scotia Cleanpave very much on behalf of my elderly parents. With your pressure cleaning and sealing of their decking extension to their concervatory, they can once again enjoy their garden.

Florence MacFadzan, Morningside, Edinburgh.

Decking Maintainance.

Well-maintained, stylish gardens are a real sanctuary where we can escape from the day-to-day rat race of life in Edinburgh, Fife and Glasgow areas. Having spent the time and made the investment to deck a part of your garden, the next step is to maintain and clean it so you can enjoy it for many years to come.   What’s more, a clean deck doesn’t just look good; a clean deck is safer too.  Keeping your decking clean will prevent it from becoming slippery over time. Garden Decks are constructed using a wide range of woods and some, like Iroko Decking (also used in the boat making industry) and Ipe Decking (three times harder than oak), can last for many years provided they are well looked after.



So what can you expect from our driveway, patio, decking and roof cleaning service?


Block paving or mono block cleaning and sealing.

Driveway cleaning.

Concrete cleaning & sealing.

Patio cleaning & sealing.

Paving slab cleaning & sealing.

Tarmac driveway cleaning.

Decking cleaning & oiling.

Imprint concrete cleaning.

Car park cleaning.

Path cleaning & sealing.

steps cleaning.

basement cleaning.

Graffiti cleaning.

Roof line cleaning.

Roof cleaning.

Conservatory roof cleaning.

Gutter cleaning.



Call Scotia Cleanpave today to discuss your jet washing needs and a member of our Edinburgh or Glasgow team will schedule a free consultation and quote based on your requierments of the project. Not only will you find our fees reasonable, but you will find that our patio jet washing and path cleaning services are among the best to be found in all of Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, Stirling and Dunoon.

Warnings of bad winter weather ahead prompted me to use Scotia Cleanpave. Their pressure washing service is second to none and my mono block drive has been sanded and sealed to new. Highly recommend them. T.G. Brown, Corstorphine, Edinburgh.

Didn't know where to start in cleaning the twenty odd steps up to my front door. discovered Scotia Cleanpave who had no hessitstion in coming to my rescue with their pressure washer and professionalism. Payed the man to do the job, worth every penny, hassle free.

Nina and Fred Sumption, Murryfield, Edinburgh.

Thank you Scotia Cleanpave we did not realise there was such a good company to clean our drive in the Dunfermline area but we found you thank you again great job.

Naomi & mark dalgety bay.

Professional Pressure Washing and Maintenance "commercial" in Edinburgh and Fife.


We can carry out the work early morning, late evening, nights or weekends, whichever time is quietest for your business in Edinburgh Fife or glasgow areas. You do not need to be open for us to be able to work. Please contact us for details.

Cleaning Shopfronts, Paved areas, Car Parks, Pub Outdoor eating / drinking areas.

We clean using high pressure washing equipment, some call it jet washing other call it power cleaning and some call it pressure washing. No matter what you call it we do it! But what we do is clean up the mess of others and the mess that time has left behind.

Algae and moss can be unsightly but also dangerous if left untreated on driveways, paths, play areas, walkways.

Boat Cleaning.


If you are looking for a professional Jet washing company to pressure wash your Boat or Yacht look no further than Scotia Cleanpave. We have the experience to do the job

to a high standard.


Cleaning your boat can be a major time investment. However, with the aid of Scotia Cleanpave the experience is much easier and pain-free.

Your garden Maintainance, our priority.


Proud sponsors of

Scotia Cleanpave Driveway Cleaning, Pressure Washing provide competitively priced pressure washing, jet washing and exterior hard surface high pressure cleaning and restoration services across Edinburgh and Fife, also Dunoon and Cowal.  Specialising in pressure washing and driveway cleaning we use all the latest and eco friendly cleaning techniques where ever possible, such as the latest revolutionary rotary surface cleaner (a must for any professional driveway cleaning and pressure washing company) available for walls, floors and paving this is the latest piece of pressure washing and driveway cleaning equipment that keeps the jetting nozzles at a constant distance from the surface whilst spinning round at high velocity covering a much greater area than a traditional pressure washing lance, thus pressure washing and cleaning the driveway much quicker and leaving the surface streak free whilst minimizing surface damage caused by uneven pressures caused by operator usage on a standard pressure washing lance. This tool has quickly become industry standard for any pressure washing or driveway company serious about driveway cleaning and pressure washing.

If you looking for a local, reliable, friendly Edinburgh and Fife based high pressure cleaning and sealing company that offers you a great value for money and good service you've come to the right place.

Driveway and path maintenance is no easy task, if you've tried it yourself you will no doubt know: so why not employ a specialist company with the proper equipment and know how to make a truly professional job of your outside hard surface areas.

Living in the Dunoon and Cowal area can be your idea of utopia but with all the forestry and weather your driveway, walkways, path's and patio area's can get covered in moss and slippery algae. Bring your garden back to life and be the envy of your neighbours with Scotia Cleanpave.

With our machines working at 3600psi we can jet wash most things clean.

So if you live in the Cowal and Dunoon area call Scotia Cleanpave or get a FREE quote on line.

or Text quote to 07798817247

Tarmac Driveway.

Pressure Washing a Driveway.

You may pull in and out of your driveway two to three times per day. To and from work, to the store, to the gym, then out for a late night bite. And you have a two or three car household.

Your driveway sure does take a beating. Road dirt, sand, mud, oil grease and more can be brought onto your driveway from your set of wheels. The messier the roads where you work and live, the worse your driveway could get. But, save the hose for the lawn.

There is a better method of cleaning your driveway than the green hose: "pressure washing."

Rotary system.

For a cement driveway, you will need pressure washers producing at least 3000 PSI. To start, you will want to remove all things from the driveway that would be in your way. For starters - your cars. Pick up any loose debris, such as litter and kids toys that may be lying in the driveway. If there are any excess grease or oil and tire marks you may want to first get rid of that as well. You can do this by soaking it up with sawdust or cat litter. Next, you will want to pre-treat the area. Again, for heavy greasy spots, you may want to uses a degreaser. You can soak the entire driveway with cleaning solution for about 5 to ten minutes. This will allow any grease to break up. Finally, you finish by spraying the area in even strokes. If there are areas with really tough stains try our driveway pressure wash cleaner. This amazing cleaning solution is perfect for surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and cement. Simply apply the chemical directly onto the surface (no premixing necessary), wait 5-10 minutes, and then merely pressure wash it. Another great tool for removing grease is the 

turbo nozzle.

The turbo pressure wash nozzle will direct the water flow onto the surface with a very high narrow stream. This will allow easy removal of all dirt. Once your driveway is pressure washed and clean, you could consider resealing it to protect it from further damage.

On the other hand if you use a pressure washing professional he will use a pressure washer surface cleaner.These robust units will expedite the work and allow you to enjoy your time off.

Your car will be much happier pulling into a clean spot, as will you.

If You require

a new  Driveway, Patio or Decking.

please contact one for our trusted Partners.

Information about Power Washers.


Over recent years, power washers have become much more affordable and many of the large DIY stores sell smaller models for around £100. Provided that they are used correctly and safely, they are ideal tools for keeping paving in tip-top condition.  

All of the 'powered' power-washers we have seen are capable of dealing with the majority of patio and path cleaning jobs; the so-called 'power-washers' that rely purely on mains pressure are, in our opinion, nothing more than glorified water-pistols, and the same effect can be achieved by placing a thumb over the end of a hose. For larger jobs, commercial cleaning operations and professionals, one of the larger, diesel-engined machines generating pressures of 2500 psi or greater may be a better choice than the small, lightweight electrically powered units. (Our machines run at 3600 psi).

Power-washing is particularly effective at removing mosses and algae that seem to thrive on certain types of paving, most notably 'textured' patio paving and clay brick pavers. We find that the addition of Cleaning Fluid tends to inhibit the return of this type of vegetation for a short time, whilst not affecting the pavement surface. Certain quality sealants are also reputed to inhibit or prevent algal growth, but are an expensive way to eliminate a minor problem.

We do drive cleaning, patio cleaning, path cleanig, in Edinburgh Fife and dunoon.


If you would like patio cleaning Edinburgh or driveway cleaning Edinburgh give us a call.

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Our Edinburgh & Fife patio cleaning services are brought to the highest environmental standard possible by the use of our high-PSI jet washing machines with low use of water. Without the need of any pesticides or other detergents that contain harmful chemicals, your patio can shine once again in minutes and will be ready for use immediately!

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Scotia Cleanpave are a Professional Pressure Washing and Maintenance for residential and commercial properties covering Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Stirling, Falkirk, Dunoon. and the following areas:-



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