Scotia Cleanpave

Your Garden Will Look Brand New

Here at Scotia Cleanpave we pride ourselves in are ability to clean any surface. This allows us to make your garden look brand new so you can show it off the your friends and family.

Not Just Cleaning

Our trained professionals have a wide range of skills. We want to do everything in our power to make your garden look the best. Don't hesitate to ask for and extra service that you may require.

Can Clean Anything Anywhere

We have a range of pressure washers from light to heavy weight. Equip with our lengths of hose we are able to access any surface anywhere so we can get it clean and looking new.

Scotlands No.1 Choice

Scotia Cleanpave provides professional pressure washing, maintenance and cleaning for patios, driveways, paths and decking. residential and commercial properties covering Edinburgh, Dunfermline, Fife, Glasgow, Stirling and Dunoon.

Weathering Protection

Here at Scotia Cleanpave we provide multiple options to finish your decking and protect it from weathering. From wood stain to varnish we make sure your decking will survive the harsh scottish weather.

Make Your Drive Shine

After we clean your drive and bring it back to its original state we will apply a lacquer to it. This will protect it from any stains and damage that it may come across in further years so it will hold its bright colour.

All The Tools For The Job

Here a Scotia Cleanpave we pride ourselves in our equipment. We always carry everything we need everywhere we go so we can get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We even carry multiple pressure washers just in case one breaks down.

We Don’t Just Clean

Sometimes just cleaning your patio slabs might not be enough. So here at Scotia Cleanpave we can completely replace your patio slabs making them look brand new. We make sure your slabs are perfectly level and protected from weathering in the future.

The Sky's The Limit

There is nothing we can't reach using our 7 meter telescopic hose extension. This allows us to reach places people would normally not be able to reach. So even is your not sure it can be cleaned you can always rely on Scotia Cleanpave to get the job done.