Scotia Cleanpave

Cleaning Services

  • Driveway Treatment

    We can restore your driveway to nearly its original condition when first laid. Our powerful driveway cleaning equipment will remove virtually all dirt and weed growth that may have formed. Once the driveway is clean and dry we will replace all the kiln dried sand that has been displaced from the joints during the cleaning process. Scotia Cleanpave can also seal the driveway or patio with high quality resin based sealants for long lasting protection.

  • Patio Treatment

    Our Edinburgh patio cleaning services are brought to the highest environmental standard possible by the use of our high-PSI jet washing machines with low use of water. Without the need of any pesticides or other detergents that contain harmful chemicals, your patio can shine once again in minutes and will be ready for use immediately. This service also includes sanding and sealing to enhance and protect the patio. Also if garden walls or furniture also need a clean, we can do everything in one visit.

  • Decking Treatment

    The surface of timber decks becomes exposed to the elements such as sunlight, rain, snow and frost. This will inevitably lead to a deterioration of the colour if nothing else. Like most things outside, decks will respond to a maintenance schedule that involves cleaning and supplemental treatment. Discolouration is the obvious problem - all un-stained timber outside eventually turns a grey colour. Protective action can help to allay this problem, which is caused in the main by fine dirt particles entering the microscopic 'pores' of the timber. Decks need periodic attention to keep them looking good. We at Scotia Cleanpave take care of the process of caring for and cleaning your decking.

  • Boat Treatment

    If you want to maintain a clean powerboat or sailboat, power washing is an efficient way to remove accumulated dirt and debris from the hull or deck. Washing the boat also removes salt spray that dries into salt crystals. These invisible crystals corrode your boat's metal hardware and gel coat, or finish paint. So call Scotia Cleanpave we will do it professionally for you. If your boat is moored in Holy Loch Marina, Port Edgar Marina, Portavadie Marina or Kip Marina we will come to you.